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Answer to Question 4

Will I be sheltering my child from the "real" world?

Answer: There is a common misconception that Christian schools shelter children from every temptation and sinful exposure. That is not true, nor is it even possible. All children come into the world with a sin nature, and are prone to selfishness, anger, malicious talk, coveting etc. All of us are exposed to many of the worldly influences that all children are exposed to in movies, books, television, the internet and more.  

At Christ Lutheran School we seek to prepare our children to engage the world with Christ, not to shelter them from the world. We accomplish this by bringing the Word of God into every circumstance of a child's life in order to build a Godly foundation and develop critical thinking. Hence the goal is to produce adults that have been trained for Godly living and thinking in a world full of temptations where they battle their own weaknesses as a fallen human being. They learn: "I can do nothing apart from Christ".

To learn more about how to effectively prepare your child for the "real" world, schedule an Educational Success Consultation with our administrator.