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Answer to Question 5

Shouldn't our children go to public school to be salt and light in a lost world?

Answer:  There is no doubt that Christians are called to be salt and light in the world. But we need to better understand what this means in relation to our children.

To bring a Christian influence into a dark and sinful world we must first be authentic, Christ-centered, Christians. You must ask yourself, “Is my child a baptized believer?” If the answer is yes, the next question is, “In what way can my child be salt and light?”

Statistics tell us that the Church is currently losing 70% of it's worshiping children to the world when they reach their 20's.

The questions need to be asked: Is my child so rooted in their faith that they can have an impact for Christ in their school? Can they effectively share, explain, and defend the gospel? Can they disciple another believer, teaching them how to walk in a relationship with Jesus? Can they defend the faith when under attack even from a teacher? Can they withstand the bombardment of secular teaching, immoral values, destructives thinking and worldly-centered acquaintances? Can they do seven plus hours a day without any harm or destructive influence to their Christian values and beliefs?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer would be no, and if the answer is no, then your child cannot effectively be salt and light in a hostile environment. And in the rare case where the answer may be yes, you are putting your child into an environment that is not Christian in philosophy and one that is exposing them to daily teachings that replace God in every subject and in every area of life. How many young Christians can carefully discern that they are being taught worldly ways of thought?

You might ask, why is it so difficult for them to be “salt” and “light”? It’s really quite simple - they are children. Children are to be raised up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. They are to be carefully instructed in the things of God while the “clay is soft” (hearts and minds easily influenced). This is the very process God ordained, that they might become salt and light. Their primary calling is to be a good student that grows and matures into a disciple that wears the name of Jesus Christ, and who bears fruit (salt and light) as they engage the world.   

That brings us full circle back to the Christian parents’ responsibility. We are called to protect and nurture our children in the ways of Christ so that they can grow up to be world changers for Christ - no longer little saplings, but instead, strong oaks for the Lord!   

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