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Answer to Question 7

I went to a public school and turned out "fine".  Can't my child do the same?

Answer: We will never know where you might be in your Christian walk today if you had daily study of the Bible in a Spirit filled community of faith from Kindergarten through high school or even college! There is no benefit in such speculation. But we do know that the Word of God is ignored in the public arena and teachers are forbidden to teach it. Yet, to us it is the power of God to transform a life and that is exactly what it does in the heart of a young person as their beliefs and values are being formed.

In the public arena their values are being largely shaped by secular humanism with God being not only irrelevant, but non-existent. If you believe the Word of God should be systematically used in the development of your child’s character and values, Christian education is your only option.

Christian education is vital for shaping the lives of our children. Statistics demonstrate that 70% of children raised in the church are leaving their faith when they reach college. The influences of a secular educational system greatly contributes to young people leaving the church to live "in the world".

While a Christian education is certainly no guarantee your child will remain in the Kingdom of Faith in Jesus Christ, it does enable him to receive an excellent education with a Biblical worldview shaped and molded in a loving and grace-filled, Christ centered, educational environment.

To learn more about the benefits of a Christ centered education, schedule an Educational Success Consultation with our administrator.