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Answer to Question 8

How do those who graduate from a Christian high school compare to those who graduate from a public high school in 4-Year College Completion rates?

Answer: Here’s the good news for Christian schools. The incredible exception to these abysmal college completion rates are private Christian and Catholic schools. Here’s the 2012 4-year college completion rates of over 15,000 high school sophomores randomly selected in 2002:

4-Year College Completion Rates

Education Longitudinal Study of 2012

High School Sophomores: 10 Years Later

2002 High School Type Bachelor’s degree or higher (Percentage)

Public (including Charter Schools) 31.1%

Catholic 61.9%

Other Private 57.1%

In other words, our high school students graduate at TWICE the rate of public educated school children. Even adjusting these numbers to reflect the current national public school graduation rate, the college graduation rate for children who attend Christian high schools is still about 17 percentage points higher that their public school counterparts.

(On a related note. Hispanics who attend religious schools are 9 times more likely to attend college. 9 times!)

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Source: Ramirez and Carpenter: "Understanding the Under-achievement Gap"