Globe and Cross  Christ Lutheran School

   Training Minds, Shaping Hearts & Transforming Lives to

                     Engage the World with Jesus Christ!

        Since 1988 - 7701 Candelaria Rd NE - Albuquerque, NM 87110 - (505) 884-3876

Admissions Hotline:

(505) 210-3663

2 Year Olds through 8th Grade


Counseling Services

Christ Lutheran School has a full-time Pastor who is available to meet with students as needed, to provide guidance, encouragement, and advice. Students can schedule appointments with him or parents may request the Pastor to meet with their child.


Students who are eager to grow in their Christian faith can also, by their choice, be discipled by a staff member or Christian Mentor at the school. These weekly get-togethers allow teacher/mentor and student to explore God’s Word and to be encouraged through prayer.


To learn more about the benefits of a Christ centered education, schedule an Educational Success Consultation with our administrator.