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2 Year Olds through 8th Grade

Deon Haas

Grades 7 and 8 - Ever since I was a little girl I new I wanted to be a teacher. I would sit at the piano bench in my grandfathers house and "play school." It took me longer to reach my dream than for most people. I graduated from Denver Lutheran High School in 1975. Doors were closed, windows were open just a bit, it was not until almost 10 years after graduating that I went college. God knew I needed to experience other things before I was ready.

I went to night school and worked full time. When I entered my first night class I was worried I was going to be the oldest student, but to my relief that was not the case. College life was an awesome experience. I loved learning and I did quite well; I think it was because I was older and I had a goal to reach. Before my last semester of school, I became sick and had to finish later. That was a time in my life when God was telling me He had plans for me, and I needed to take care of myself. I graduated from Metropolitan College of Denver in December of 1998, with a major in History and a minor in reading. Because I did not go to a Synodical school, I also took theology classes on the weekends.

My first degreed teaching position was at Hope Lutheran School, in Aurora, Colorado, where I taught for a year and half. I taught kindergarten and first grade. I also was able to teach the middle school history class. In the spring of 1999, I received a contract to teach here in Albuquerque. I still needed to finish my theology courses. I came to New Mexico to teach first grade in the fall of 2000. I finished my theology course and was 'called' to Christ Lutheran Church and School in September of 2002. During my fifteen years here I moved to the middle school grades, with 7th and 8th grades as my home room. I am still loving every minute!