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2 Year Olds through 8th Grade

Sarah Handrock

Grade 5 - I have been a Lutheran school teacher for 20+ years in Ohio, Illinois, California and New Mexico. The majority of that time I have spent teaching at Our Savior Lutheran School in Livermore, California.

I like to mix things up in class and have as many hands on projects as possible. I believe the more ways a child’s mind is engaged, the more likely they are to retain what they have been taught. I freely admit that I like to push the kids to do as much as they can. I expose them to ideas beyond what the book may require. I challenge students to figure out how and why things work, especially in science. In Social Studies I have students work on projects that give them an idea of what it was like to live the history they study.

Homework is an opportunity for students to practice what they learn in school, but I believe a lot of busy work is not good for children. They also need time to play and explore their world. I try to give the students time during the class period to work on assignments. We have study hall time built into the school day. If the student uses their time wisely, they should be able to get the majority of their work done during the school day. If your child is regularly coming home with a lot of homework, please come and talk with me.

I believe that free reading is the single biggest thing a student can do to improve their reading skills. I require a reading book to be in the student’s desk at all times. We will also have some reading contests and the students will be required to read books every month.

I play a variety of instruments and I like to use my guitar for singing in the classroom especially during devotions but also in other classes where music might come up as a part of the curriculum. 

I have two major rules in my classroom. The first is to show respect to everyone, our God, staff and other students. The second is to love one another. I explain that these are verbs. We show respect and love by our actions. If I need to discipline I try to make the punishment relate to the crime. (i.e. Throwing paper might result in a student having to clean the entire classroom floor.

On a personal note, I have been married for 29 years to my husband Jim. We have two sons Daniel and Michael. Daniel recently graduated from college in mechanical engineering. Our second son Michael is with us in New Mexico currently attending Central New Mexico University.

We moved to Albuquerque in 2011. My husband has worked for Sandia National Laoratories in California for many years. They requested that he transfer to Albuquerque. We decided to go with the adventure.

I believe God has called us to New Mexico for a reason. When my husband and I first visited Christ Lutheran we knew we had found our new congregation. After we had settled into our new home, I started to look for a teaching position. I knew that there was nothing available at Christ, but my heart kept telling me to wait. I decided that God had a plan and I just needed to give Him a chance to reveal it to me. I started praying for his will to be done and I waited. Then while on vacation on a beach in Michigan the week of the fourth of July, I received a call from Pastor Groeling. I was sad to see the Luevanos go to Texas but I knew God also had a plan for them. As the Lord always goes before us, I have no doubt He will lead us through each school year, as we have a wonderful journey with the Lord.

So start praying because there is nothing that we can’t do when the Lord is by our side!